How to get legit and working Xbox Live codes

Free Xbox Live Codes

How to get Free Xbox Live membership: Would you like to know where you can find a WORKING Xbox Live Code Generator?

Well, there are tons of them around. They have only one problem: they don’t f***ing work. All they do is generate a list of numbers that resemble real xbox live codes. It annoys the hell out of me to be honest.

Of course when you try to enter the bogus/fake/spam site codes to play online with your buddies on Xbox Live!, they unfortunately don’t work.

That’s my conclusion and believe me, I’ve tried hundreds of codes from too many so-called xbox live code generators that I downloaded from various forums and blogs, all of them wasted my precious time for nothing.

Good luck if you want to find a working one on those crappy spam-driven sites. I’ve personally found another way to get working Xbox Live codes without the trouble of generating tons of codes with generators and losing my whole life trying them.

HOW I GET FREE XBOX LIVE CODES whenever I want (without the crap):

Click here or I go to this site here –>

– Doesn’t take much effort at all to get your codes, and unlike the anal bead sites, you will get working codes.

This is how I got my Xbox Live codes, recently I gave the same link to a couple of friends and they successfully got codes for themselves to play for free on xbox live.

Happy gaming and enjoy!

If you know of any other methods, let me know. In the meantime…

CLICK HERE (and say F*** U to all of the fake xbox live code generators out there!)

Images Of Xbox 720 Leaked

Images Of Xbox 720 Leaked! Bill Gates Will NOT Be Happy!

Xbox 720
Click the image to see

The people want to see or know, images of the Xbox 720 and Xbox 720 Release Date details. Xbox 360 hits to play, and the price is $ 199.99.

Although the second shot could very well be a prototype without coverage on the … But sofar as they are brought to a person who grew up with NES controllers with a single and B, and I thought Mega Drive A, B and C were flash – all Xbox controllers and accessories seem to match this.

I remember graduating from the two jobs, and suddenly learn key phrases like “shoulder buttons”, “L3” and “taken” when it came to move.

Xbox 720 launch date not decided, but the Xbox 720 year release has been made. Xbox 720 is expected to release in between 2011 and 2012. if people expect the next generation of Xbox 720, then owner of the game to reap an unexpected. More updates coming soon.
Click on the image below to see what the new Xbox 720 and Xbox 720 Controller are going to look like:

Xbox 720
Click the image to see