The Vicious Hunger Attack – A Poem

It’s time for lunch. you’d like to chow. Fraid I’ve got some bad news right now. The fridge a box of empty space, no sign of eats, not e’en a trace, oh how you’d like a tiny taste, your stomach hurts, you find some Certs, they’re gobbled, gone, but breath is fresh, you’re nearing death, you’re flailing on the kitchen floor, no more! just make the hunger leave, your stomach grieves a SNACK you NEED you’ve GOT TO FEED YOUR CHEETOS ARE ALL GONE OH GOD YOU’RE SORTING THROUGH THE TRASH: A WAD! USED PAPER NAPKINS QUICK, YOU LICK! DELISH but what a TEASE just PLEASE I need some CHIPS you weakly WHEEZE try empty KETCHUPs upside DOWN you LICK THE CRUMBS right off the GROUND it’s LUNCH LUNCH LUNCH and YOU MUST CHOW the trickling sweat drops off your BROW from FRIDGE to SINK you madly DASH where did you hide that CHEETO STASH O! during LAST WEEK’s ENterPRISE you ATE THOSE CHEETOS not so WISE so AS A DESPERATE LAST RESORT you GNAW your left hand’s ugly WART the TASTY FLAKES of DEAD DRY SKIN have turned this LOSS into a WIN but STOMACH LETS his anGER KNOWN it GRUMBLES IN AN ANGRY TONE a FAT GEEK HUNGRY ALL ALONE–HELP HELP THE FOOD ! THERE IS NONE HERE! EMPTY BOTTLES OF CHEAP-ASS BEER YOU WRITHE ALONG THE GROUND AND FLOP! RELEASE THOSE BOWELS WITH A *PLOP* oh GROSS YOU SMOOSH the TURDS so WARM and with a FBLURT out trickles MORE but crazed you are. in NEED OF EAT you reach and get some BROWN POO-MEAT. YOUR SHIT ALL OVER HANDS AND FACE YOUR TONGUE AFLAME WITH POOPY TASTE the DOOR swings WIDE: NERD FRIENDS, a BUNCH “Hey, Asimov! WE BROUGHT YOU LUNCH :O”

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