All About Freenode

Freenode is an IRC network formerly run by the infamous fraud and huckster Rob Levin, who is currently out of country. He tried to convince people to donate to “help run the IRC network”, then he was pwned by a bus, tank, or some other motorized object while he was riding his moped. Just like every other major IRC network, all of Freenode’s servers and bandwidth are put up by volunteers. Donations never paid for any of it; they merely went to Rob’s bank account.

Freenode: The Movie

Freenode is incompetently run and that is why it has been taken over by the GNAA and Bantown over and over again. Some quick comparisons of other networks to Freenode:

* OFTC is another IRC network aimed at open source developers. It has not once had Rob Levin shut down the channel of an open source project in a megalomaniacal frenzy.
* EFnet handles three times the userbase of freenode with no major incident.
* Undernet has all the channel and hostmask services of freenode with a laissez-faire attitude.

Freenode users should move somewhere else and let Rob Levin’s fat wife buy her own quarter-million dollar RV.

Freenode staff had autok-line set for nick “encoded” only because this poor guy appeared with his joke in the wrong place, at the same time Christel, freenode ircop, known of her inability of controlling own urges, was in a bad mood. It wasn’t even his fault she got pregnant and was so picky about it. Unprofessional ircops should be limited to kitchen area.

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