How To Build A Mosquito Trap

Warmer weather is approaching and we have the best way to keep mosquito populations to a minimum! Build your own mosquito trap and catch thousands of mosquitoes easily!

Homemade Mosquito TrapThis is a homemade recipe which catches mosquitoes like CRAZY and keeps you, your family, and your pets from becoming a blood donor this summer!

Items Needed

1 cup of water
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 gram of yeast
1 2-liter bottle

Creating Your Mosquito Trap

  1. Cut the plastic bottle in half.
  2. Mix brown sugar with hot water. Let cool. When cold, pour in the bottom half of the bottle.
  3. Add the yeast. No need to mix. It creates carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.
  4. Place the funnel part, upside down, into the other half of the bottle, taping them together if desired.
  5. Wrap the bottle with something black, leaving the top uncovered, and place it outside in an area away from your normal gathering area. (Mosquitoes are also drawn to the color black.)

Change the solution every 2 weeks for constant mosquito population control.

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