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How Does This Work?

  1. Get your free gift by trying a product or service from our sponsors, many of which are free.
  2. Refer the indicated number of friends to do the same.
  3. Checkout with the gift you chose, and get it shipped to your door absolutely free!

How Can We Give Out Free Stuff?

Our sponsors pay us for sending them consumers like you who try their products and services. This is what pays for the free gifts we send to you.

What Makes Different?


Other free gift sites require you to complete multiple sponsored offers yourself. At, we only require you to complete 1 offer.

Earn 100% From Your Referrals

Some free gift sites only give you a percentage of credit for your referrals. At, if your referral completes an offer, you’ll get extra credit for 1 referral.

Get More Free Stuff lets you earn as many free gifts as you want. Want an iPod and an Xbox 360? No problem, get em both!

Reuse Your Referrals

Lets say you refer some friends and get your iPod, now you’re going for that Xbox 360. On other sites, you’d need to get a whole new set of unique friends to sign up and complete an offer. Not on We let the friends that help get you that iPod do more offers for you so they can help you get your Xbox too!

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