Getting Free Gaming Gift Cards from PointStackers

Even in its earliest days, gaming was quite an expensive hobby, and somewhat unfortunately, things haven’t improved in the past few years, even with the economic crisis. As a matter of fact, not only do most games cost as much or even more than they did a few years ago, but there is also much more extra content that we need to pay for these days. All in all, it would seem that gaming is an experience to be only fully enjoyed by the wealthier ones in society. However, there are some good news: gaming gift cards. Or, to put it plainly, cards which can be used to either purchase entire games at a discount, downloadable content, or perhaps even as some kind of in-game or virtual marketplace currency.

What precisely am I rambling on about? Well, for example, there are gift cards out there which can be exchanged for Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, or perhaps for a month or two of free World of Warcraft playtime. However, the problem with these gaming cards is the fact that they cost money, thus defeating their purpose for most people. The good news however is that getting a free game card online is not only possible, but it was actually made easier than ever with the help of a website by the name of PointStackers.

How to Get a »Free Gaming Gift Card« with PointStackers

So how precisely does this website function and allow you to obtain a free game card online (or multiple ones for that matter)? Well, it goes without saying that the first step consists of creating an account on that website, something for which you automatically receive 200 points (more on the points system right below). The signup process is as easy as you would expect it to be; that all you need to do is fill out a standard form without ever having to divulge overly personal or sensitive information.

Once you have signed up, it is time to start earning your points. How do you do that? To answer that question, PoinStackers has a bunch of offers from advertisers waiting to be tried out, and you can earn point for simply filling out the forms to these offers. The best part is that you don’t need to spend any money on them; the forms are completely free to fill out, and while you don’t get rewarded with money, you do earn points which can be exchanged for various rewards. If the reward you are going for is a free game card online, then the corresponding code will be e-mailed to you within one hour of you redeeming it. If you should choose a physical item, you will be asked to provide a shipped address and the item will be mailed to you within three business days.

There is absolutely no limit to the total amount of points you can accumulate on PointStackers, but it has to be mentioned that there are certain offers which can only be filled out once per computer (fortunately, there are so many offers to fill out that you probably won’t run into quantity-related problems). As you can guess, circumventing that parameter is quite easy by simply using your friend’s computer, or perhaps even one at the local library. Also, it should be said that it is extremely important to make sure that the information you are providing about yourself is indeed valid. This is because many of the advertisers have information verification systems in place, and if they find out that the info you have provided is false, then your actions aren’t going to be converted into points you can redeem rewards with.

The methodology behind PointStackers is quite simple and effective, although it has to be said that you shouldn’t expect to be able to redeem all the cards you want in a couple of days. It should be viewed as an ongoing long-term project that will continuously yield results on a regular basis, as long as you keep at it of course. To give you a better idea of why PointStackers is worth investing your time into, here is a look at some of the free gaming gift cards that you can claim with the points you gather.

The Free Gaming Gift Cards you Can Get as a Reward

•League of Legends $10 cards, each one of which is converted into 1380 Riot Points, allowing you to unlock new champions, skins, boosts and more.
•Runescape $10 card which can be used towards your membership.
•The Zynga $10 free game card can be used in order to buy premium items in any Zynga game, such as FarmVille or CastleVille.
•The Ultimate Game Card ($10) is redeemable for more than a thousand different MMO and subscription-based games.
•A $10 Roblux game card, redeemable in the MMOG which also, incidentally, goes by the name of Roblux.
•A 1-month Xbox Live Gold subscription card, valued at $15.
•A $20 gift card redeemable for anything on Steam.
•A $20 gift card for use on PSN for free.
•A 1600 Microsoft Points card, also valued at $20 totally free.
•2000 Wii/DSi Points worth $20 free as well.
•A $27 Minecraft gift card allowing you to play online alongside millions upon millions of other players around the world.
•A sixty-day pass to play World of Warcraft and experience it to its fullest, valued at $30.
•Finally, there is the 4000 Microsoft Points card for Xbox Live, being valued at $50.

The amount of points you are required to earn before you are allowed to redeem a card is determined by its equivalent in dollars, with each one adding a hundred points to its value on PointStackers. For instance, if you’d want to claim the free League of Legends free game card online, it would cost you 1000 points if done through this website. There are also other, non-gaming related cards, including a $25 Amazon gift card, a $15 Facebook Credits gift card for free, and even a free $10 Karma Koin card. You are invited to check out the website for yourself, and perhaps even give this whole thing a try; after all, it won’t cost you a single cent, and you can only benefit from having a method of gaining a potentially-limitless amount of free gaming gift cards, whether for yourself or your friends.

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