Horrible Mother Beats Baby – GRAPHIC VIDEO

Bad parenting can take many forms and mostly leads to depression in a child. Horrible parenting, however, can lead to the injury and death of a child. The video included in this post is not intended for viewers under the age of 18 years old as it contains extremely graphic content of a mother viciously attacking her own baby.

This video of a mother violently beating her baby girl is absolutely heartbreaking. The mother pinches her arms and thighs and kicks the crying child, who lies screaming helplessly on a mattress. The abuse gets even worse when the baby will not quiet down and cries louder, crawling towards the horrible mother. At one point, the woman throws her cell phone at the child. The voice of the terrible mother’s friend, assumed to be the person recording the incident, can be heard in the four-minute long video as well. While she admonishes the woman who is beating up the child, she does nothing to stop the abuse. At around, the 2 minute 20 second mark, she is heard telling the woman who is hitting the baby that she is going to kill the child. Police released a immediate statement to clarify that the perpetrator, the baby’s mother, had been arrested on the same day as the video was recorded.

There is no excuse to abuse an infant child other than sheer stupidity. Anyone who abuses a child should be stoned to death or be tossed off of a cliff!