Insane Clown Posse Mega Rap

We’re da Insane Clown Posse. We’re overweight and bossy.
Oh shit you gotta know what’s up. To be hardcore you need make-up.
Closet faggots all are we. Fiddle my balls and my pee-pee.
Insane Clown Posse? More like Loony Queer Gang.
One dude who’s more attractive than us: Shredder’s pal Krang.
We’re weird and we’re angry and we don’t conform at all.
Of course we’ve never faught before, we’d run from any brawl.
You coward! You goddamn pussy. Can’t you handle us?
It’s not our fault cheetos taste good and we’ve got ample guts.
Raw raw, I’m Violent J and I play the trombone.
I march in the school marching band; I’ve got a loving home.
My life sucks bad and I kill cops and shit on toilet seats.
I curled my hair and did my face and now I’m selling beats.
For legions of you fat-assed fucks think I’m the coolest thing.
But all I do is amplify my farts and sing.
In secret I buy Eminem to study up his rhymes.
but I don’t get it, how he does, I cry to Mom and whine.
My favorite sport is Ninja and I always dress in black.
It looks a little awkward in gym class when I run track.
I never bring the proper clothes–of changing I am scared.
What if the jocks see how my tighty-whities are all teared?
I only wear one pair, of course. For more would be a waste.
And after a long day, well, I just LOVE it how they taste.
That sour sweet of sweat and shit forever on my lips.
It’s not my fault if briefs well used will in time, rip.
Wash my clothes, you dare suggest?
Hygiene’s invoked my ire.
I scrub myself with oil from a pack of Oscar Meyers.
Dead people, gore and blood. It’s shocking is it not?
Check it out, my older brother might get me some pot.
Once my dad gave me some beer and yes, I took a sip.
Let me say, it’s good! I couldn’t even handle it.
And tuesday after school my friend named Mike gave me a cig!
But I was scared of smoke-caused cancer. Maybe when I’m big…
Instead I wrestle with my pals in first or second grade.
I want to beat those little punks, but in truth, well, I’m afraid.
They pin me down and kick me in the head so violently,
and when I lay, a sobbing heap, they squat on me and pee.
Juggy Juggy Juggalo two four six.
This is Linkin Park produced exclusively by hicks.
I’m the terror from Vermont, the danger state with trees.
Yeah, I’m from the cuts. It’s practically LBC.
I’m good at mathematics but I don’t like history.
but more than doing homework I read Nancy Drew myst’ries.
So you see it doesn’t get any more hardcore than this clown.
You better watch yourself or–OOPs O shit! I just made brown.
I don’t have such a good control of muscles in my rear.
Just one drawback of being an HIV plus queer.
Sometimes Dad dresses like Gandalf, does me up as Frodo.
My mom watches–she kind of looks like hunchback Quasimodo.
The ring of power tween my cheeks; his middle in my earth,
his burly arms fast wrapped around my rarely-cleansed girth.
I try to tell my teachers of my plight, my awful tale.
But when I get to Frodo: “Holy shit I DO NOT CARE.”
A juggalo cannot exist if Daddy is a-rapin.
But in truth, you get to like it so there’s no escapin’.
What’s it matter that my songs completely lack a tune?
My customers are tone-deaf pusillanimous poltroons.
They listen in the desperate wish that they’ll become less nerdy.
“I can’t go to parties,” they say. Bed time is seven thirty.
Rebel they will, alone in a bedroom with door a-signed.
“No girls allowed,” boldly proclaimed. I don’t think the girls mind.
Sipping mountain dew and with a pop a new can-Pringles, they protest online.
Forum posts. these fags: forever single. I’m ninety pounds above the line.
They say I’m overweight.
So what if I could never ever ever get a date.
Yo! I’m a clown and I’m crazy and I sing scary shit.
I’ve got a gang of white kids who in front of Linux sit.
The white screen pales their faces which are pocked with pimples many,
they spend their nights with pants unzipped, jerking to Brain and Penny.
This you see’s my posse and you betta represent.
Don’t be male or have a cock–our pants’ll be a tent.
This’s Violent J now, signing off, concluding this show live.
It’s time to show my true ID!
Love, Mega Man 5 I LOVE PEE

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