OMG… This GIRL KILLED Herself After HER DAD Posted This ON Her WALL!

Suicidal Teen

A True Story

Stories are swirling over a girl named Emma who committed suicide on Christmas eve, 2008, as the result of some Facebook status update messages aimed at her. The status update messages directed at “Emma” are indeed horrible (click to see image) however, there is doubt that a girl named Emma actually committed suicide on Christmas eve, or at all, even though a Facebook fan page entitled “Teenager committed SUICIDE because of THIS status update – Leaked from 2008″ would have you think otherwise. However, the story does match quite closely the suicide of Phoebe Prince, which occurred this January.

The question of whether someone named Emma was on Facebook in 2008, and committed suicide as a result of Facebook messages to her, is raised by a relatively new Facebook fan page, entitled “Teenager committed SUICIDE because of THIS status update – Leaked from 2008″. The Facebook fan page was created, it claims, to raise awareness of cyberbullying and to put a stop to cyberbullying.

Here is the interesting bit: The page claims that this happened in 2008. However, if you look at the image, you can clearly see that two people “liked” the messages (gave them a Facebook thumbs-up).

Now, Facebook only rolled out the new “like” button a few weeks ago.

In addition, if you search for any of the sentences shown in the image, Google finds nothing at all. That’s unheard of for Facebook status messages, which are indexed very quickly by Google. It’s possible that these were messages within private accounts, but if a girl named Emma had actually committed suicide over a year ago over these messages, you can be sure the messages would be posted somewhere that Google could find it.

Google could not find it, but we have the status update here.

This all adds up to the Facebook page claiming “Teenager committed SUICIDE because of THIS status update – Leaked from 2008″ being real, at worst. (The story of Phoebe Prince is all-too-real. Phoebe committed suicide this Janary after being tormented by several classmates, much of it on Facebook. Nine teens and juveniles are now facing charges for her death.)

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