IRC Scripts

XChat Scripts

Epoch’s XChat Theme epoch This xchat theme was written to make everything in xchat easily visible at a glance. Script:Perl
AOL Spammer epoch This perl script was written to barf highly random halfwitted aol-chatroom-speak into an irc channel. The syntax is /aol Script:Perl
Wiki Search epoch This script uses WWW::Wikipedia and Lingua::EN::Summarize to echo into the active window information about a specified keyword. The syntax is /wiki <keyword> Script:Perl
Weather Forecast epoch This script uses IO::Socket to display a 4-day weather forecast when given a zip code as an argument. The syntax is /forecast <zipcode> Script:Perl
Xlack 2.1 DarkNeSS This script is actually a monstrous collection of awesome scripts . A must have for any XChat user. Script:Perl

mIRC Scripts

IRCOP Dialog epoch This was written for a friend a long time ago to cover many if not all IRCop commands via dialog. Script:MRC
MP3 Player epoch This mp3 player was written because I was sick of all the alternatives floating around out there. Has a nice tribal grim reaper on it as well. Script:MRC
Talkers Galore epoch This script is a dialog containing many talkers like rainbow, backwards, altcaps, ascii, leetspeak, bubbles, blocks, and a few more. Script:MRC
Mega Tools epoch This script has phone number lookup, ping, telnet, traceroute, whois ip lookup, and much more all in one convenient dialog. Script:MRC