Anime is more useless than tits on a nun

It’s not so much that I hate anime, well I do its utter shit, but that’s not too bad because the world would be boring if we all liked the same thing. Anyway what really gets to me is anime fans or ‘otakus’ as they have dubbed themselves. They think that liking anime makes them superior to those who don’t, they think that if someone does not like anime it means they are too stupid to understand it and they worship Japan. There ongoing obsession with Japan makes me want to kill myself, they all want to learn Japanese and move to Japan to be an anime artist. They insist on speaking in broken Japanese all the time, trying to show off to there fellow anime losers just how much they know and they get offended if you say a slight word against Japan.

They also have an obsession with gay people and yell and scream whenever they see one, they say that gay people should be treated the same as straight people yet I don’t see them shout and scream when they see a straight couple do you? No, they only reason they love gay people is because they are desperate to show the world how open-minded they are and they just wait for someone to something like ‘that’s so gay’ so that they have have a 3 hour discussion about it.I myself don’t have anything against gays but to be honest i don’t really think about it. I could go on for hours but I can’t be bothered… just know one thing, Anime couldn’t be crapper if it tried.