Top 10 Most Gory and Bloody Video Games

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

2011 is going to see the release of some amazing games, some of which will contain, shall we say, their fair share of blood and/or guts. We thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the goriest video games that we have come across. Here are the top ten, in no particular order.

10. Carmageddon

Normally, one would never think that a racing game could make a violent games list, but in Carmageddon’s case, it would be strange not to see it. Generally speaking, your goal is to win the race, but in some instances, objectives are added. For example, destroy all opposing cars. Or run over EVERY PEDESTRIAN you see. The game rewards players with points for hitting innocent people while racing (bonus points are actually awarded for hitting the guy waving the flag at the start of the race) and there is no shortage of the red stuff flying everywhere as you careen into a crowd of pedestrians at 150 mph. The game did well enough to spawn a trilogy, so I guess running people over DOES resonate with gamers. Glorious!

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

9. Chiller

Chiller is an arcade game that was released in 1986, with a toned-down port that appeared on the NES a few years later. To be honest, I wasn’t aware of this game’s existence until a few years ago, when a friend of mine mentioned it in a conversation we were having about video games. When I mentioned I wasn’t familiar with it, he immediately jumped on the internet to show me some videos and screenshots. Chiller is a light-gun shooting game; it had the gun attachment on the cabinet, and you were basically shooting zombies and people who were trapped in assorted torture devices. I was astounded at the level of graphic violence in the game, and even though this one is lesser known, it needed to be on this list.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

8. Dead Rising series

Ahh, Dead Rising. Never in all of my time playing video games have I come across a franchise that is both ridiculously bloody and hilarious at the same time. The conspiracy-theory story that makes up the games is interesting, but I could play it for hours just running around, finding new ways to massacre the zombie threat. The original places players in a mall that is jam-packed with undead, and almost anything that the player comes across can be used as a weapon to achieve gory results. It wasn’t until the sequel, however, that items could be combined to create new WMDs (weapons of mass dismemberment?enter punch line drum please!). I mean, where else can you use a kayak paddle with chainsaws attached to kill enemies?

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

7. Doom

Although controversial in its time (and for years after in the wake of school shootings), Doom remains one of the most influential games in history for both its impact on the FPS genre and its level of gore. Getting from point A to point B in each level was a blast thanks to the space marine’s arsenal, which consisted of death dealers such as a chainsaw, shotgun, or my personal favorite, the BFG 9000. Nearly every kill resulted in an explosion of monster entrails, which made for an extremely entertaining journey. Although by today’s standards Doom wouldn’t raise the same ire it did in the past, it will be remembered as one of the bloodiest games ever made.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

6. Dead Space series

The original Dead Space was, in my opinion, a great game and deserves a spot on this list. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and the first time I used my engineering tool turned deadly weapon on an approaching Necromorph, I was introduced to the reason for the ‘M’ rating on the box. By utilizing the specific characteristics of the different tools and weapons you find throughout your journey, you can systematically dismember your opposition one limb (or head) at a time. Although the gross-out moments were occasionally a little over-the-top, overall they really contributed to the mood of the game, and in Dead Space’s case were appropriate.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

5. Mortal Kombat series

The Mortal Kombat series is basically where gratuitous violence in mainstream video games got its start. The normal game action was bloody in its own right, but it was the Fatalities that really drew attention to the game. I still remember the first time I saw Sub Zero rip off someone’s head with the spine attached; I was both amazed at how unbelievably gross it was, and at the same time extremely frustrated because I didn’t have the necessary dexterity to pull the fatality off myself once I heard the announcer yell ‘FINISH HIM!’. From sending your opponent into a pit of spikes via a devastating uppercut to breathing fire and turning your enemy into a flaming pile of bones, Mortal Kombat had enough gore to simultaneously offend a nation and change gaming forever.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

4. Thrill Kill

Although this list consists mostly of ‘mainstream’ games, it wouldn’t be complete without the addition of this game that almost was. Thrill Kill was set to be released for the PlayStation in 1998, but weeks before it shipped to stores, the game was cancelled; however, it did manage to make its way into the hands of fans via the internet due to leaked copies from employees who had worked on the project. For anyone not familiar with this title, Thrill Kill is a fighting game that puts players in control of one of ten damned souls that are doomed to fight for eternity. It was supposed to be the next Mortal Kombat, and the inspiration drawn from the franchise is apparent in the insane amounts of gore and finishing moves. As with many games on this list, it was a bit of a controversy at the time, but it incites more laughs now than disgust.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

3. Gears of War series

Epic Games’ third-person shooter has plenty of blood and guts to satisfy any gore fan. Almost anyone who has played the original or the sequel and used the Lancer’s chainsaw bayonet for the first time can tell you that there aren’t too many more satisfying ways to finish an enemy off. If you aren’t busy sawing a Locust in half, you are probably watching them explode into a red mist from a well-placed grenade or an up-close and personal shotgun blast. The sequel added some new weapons and executions, and here’s hoping that the third game continues the trend.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

2. The Postal series

Developer Running With Scissors brought the original game to PCs in the late ’90s, and its FPS sequel in 2003; I never owned either (Mom wouldn’t allow that kind of nonsense in HER house!) but a friend of mine did, so I got to experience it for myself. Postal put players in control of the ‘Postal Dude,’ and you pretty much just wandered around the town, shooting and killing everything and everyone. There was a story in there somewhere, but I never really understood it, and to be honest, I don’t think I ever cared to. At the time, it was controversial; but looking back now, it is more funny than offensive (check YouTube and see for yourself). All I know is that the game was gory just to be gory, and sometimes, that’s OK.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

1. Manhunt

Manhunt, the gore-fest developed by (who else?) Rockstar, included some of the most disturbing violence in video games to date. Players were thrown into a twisted stealth survival game in which you were rewarded for taking out your opponents in as gruesomely a manner as possible, from sneaking up behind the enemy and suffocating them with a plastic bag, to slicing their head clean off with a wire. It created a huge amount of controversy, and to this day is still banned in some countries.

Top 10 Goriest Video Games

There were a couple of games that deserve an honorable mention: The Fallout series and the Silent Hill series. Both have their shock value, but in my opinion Silent Hill was more disturbing than gory, and although the V.A.T.S system in recent Fallout titles allowed for some strategic mutilation of enemies, it wasn’t consistent enough to warrant a spot on the list. I’m sure a few more obscure (or not-so-obscure) titles didn’t get included, so let us know what you think about the top ten in the comments below.

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